Welcome to the new SongKit!

Today the time has finally come: the new version of our SongKit system is online! The new system not only has more features and is faster, but it also gives us a basis to build on over the next ten years.

Although many things have changed under the hood, creating and sending releases and viewing your royalties is still as easy as ever. There are some things that work just a little differently, so we’d like to explain them to you.

Artist Roles

In the past you had to separate several artist names by colon, so for example ‘Artist1:Artist2’. Clumsy, but above all unclear. After all, which role was assigned to which artist?

With the new system this is a thing of the past. When creating a release, or adding a track, you can now specify each artist separately with a corresponding role. Not only can you clearly indicate who the main and featuring artists are, but you can also add extra credits to your release. Think for example of producer or composer.

The artists of your existing releases are transferred as well as possible, but check them before you send a new release.

Royalty reports

Perhaps the most requested feature are better and more comprehensive royalty reports. Where in the past you only had a table with sometimes one sale per line (which resulted in infinitely long lists that couldn’t be read), now we’ll let some clever calculations loose on your royalties.

So now you can see at a glance the total royalties per release, as well as per track. We also show you the ‘units’ (every sales/play is a ‘unit’) so you have a better idea of what your revenues stand for.

And best of all: we make a first step in visualizing your revenues. We show you the stores and countries where your outstanding royalties come from in a pie chart. And you can see the course of your income in a nice line chart. This way, you’ll have a lot of information at a glance about how your music is doing.

In the future we will add more visualisation and export possibilities. Stay tuned!

And 100 other things...

And so there are still many small and big things to discover in our new system, and a number of features will be rolled out over the coming months. We are very happy with it, and hope it will be of great use to you. We’d like to celebrate the launch of our new system with you, so next week you’ll be able to send out your releases with a 30% discount. If you use code SK2020V2 when distributing your release, the discount will be processed automatically.

PS: No system is perfect, so if you come across any errors, problems or other things you think need to be fixed, feel free to send us a message via the contact page. The best tips are rewarded with a free release.

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