SongKit COVID-19 update

The situation surrounding the new coronavirus cannot have escaped your notice. We want to let you know what this means for your music.

First of all, SongKit continues as usual. We work from home and carefully follow the advice of the government. You can continue to upload releases, check your royalties and apply for payouts at any time of the day.

We do notice that the situation in the world, and the fact that a lot of people are sitting at home, leads to a lot more music being made than normal. And that music has to be distributed.

Because of this increase in releases, your distribution, quality check or support answers may take a little longer than you are used to from us. Although we always do everything we can to get your release online as soon as possible, we depend on our partners and stores.

Most new releases without issues will not be affected by this. Delays will mostly be in changes, updates and license requests.

As a distributor, we are very fortunate that we do not experience much inconvenience from the virus in our daily operations. And we hope that, especially during this difficult time for artists, bands, producers and other artists, we can contribute something. Hopefully this situation in which gigs and festivals are cancelled at the same time will lead to more media consumption at home, for example Spotify while working from home, giving independent artists a boost in royalties to be received.

If you have any questions, or just want to chat, feel free to send us a message via the support page.

Stay safe!

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