My release has 3+ artists (various artists)

If you submit a release with multiple main artists, the release will be placed on the artist page of all these artists on, for example, Spotify. But beware: this only applies to releases with 1 to 3 artists. Does your release have more than 3 main artists? Then most stores will place them under ‘various […]

Audio file requirements

It is good to upload the audio files of your release in the highest possible quality. Especially on streaming services like Tidal, the difference between a good quality .wav file and an .mp3 file will be audible. The audio files of your release must officially meet the following conditions: – 16 or 24-bit – 44.1 […]

Cover image requirements

The cover image of your release must meet the following conditions. Please note that stores are very strict about this and your release will certainly be rejected if it does not meet these conditions. It is best to have your cover image professionally designed. Content – The release and artist name may be visible on […]

Covers, remixes and use of samples

When making your release, please note that we cannot distribute the following material: Covers of existing songs or songs written by others, even if you made the music yourself, unless you have a license to do so. Remixes of existing songs, even if it’s your own production and you didn’t use material from the original. […]

Can I still modify my release?

As long as you haven’t sent your release to us for review, you can modify it as much as you want in your account. If you’ve already sent us a release, it’s unfortunately no longer possible to change it.