Heva you ever thought about vlogging to promote yourself as a band or musician? You should, because creating video’s is a great way to get noticed and find new fans online. 

By making short video’s now and then you are able to build a real connection with your fans, and get them involved in the music you’re making and the story of your project. 

Here are some great tips for popular videos or vlogs: 


Upload regularily

A key element in establishing a good video presence online is uploading new content regularly, best on a set schedule (for example, a new video every first Monday of the month). Every time you upload a new video, your followers and fans are reminded once again about your existence, which may lead to them remembering your music next time they are looking for something to listen to. 

Give exclusive content to fans

A vlog is only truly interesting when there are things to see or hear that can’t be found elsewhere. Play your viewers a short preview of your new release, film studio recordings and show funny backstage moments and bloopers. These are not only incentives to actually watch your video, but also builds a personal connection with the audience. 

Tell your story

To really connect with fans, it’s important they get a feeling and emotional connection with the band. Talk to viewers in a personal way, be real and authentic. Ask questions, share inside jokes. Make viewers veel like they’re part of your secret super cool club. 

Ask questions

We’ve mentioned it briefly before, but asking your audience questions is really important. It not only builds a connection, but interaction also helps video’s appear higher in social media algorithms like YouTube and Facebook. Make it a rule to ask a question or other viewer input in every single video you put out. 

React to comments

After viewers left a comment on your video, be sure to reply to that comment as well! This really builds your relationship with viewers. They’re not only reminded of the video (and thus your bands’ existence) when they receive a notification of your reply, they’re also more likely to watch your next video and comment again because they know you actually care about their input. 


By following these 5 tips, you’re well on your way onto YouTube fame. 🙂 Have more tips or tricks to share, or want to show us your own band vlog? Please post them in the comments! 

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