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Spotify Promo Cards: what is it, how do you use it?

Spotify has released a new tool for artists (and podcasters!): Spotify Promo Cards. With Spotify Promo Cards you can easily create personalized images by following a few steps that you can use to promote your artist profile, release, song or podcast. These images can be used on your social media,

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SongKit Weekly: weekly new music from our artists!

Reviewers, indie music fans and anyone who just wants to discover good new music, pay attention! SongKit Weekly is our new Spotify playlist with the best new music by our artists. From Hip-Hop to film music, from artists who sell out large venues to producers in their bedroom. You’ll discover

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SongKit COVID-19 update

The situation surrounding the new coronavirus cannot have escaped your notice. We want to let you know what this means for your music. First of all, SongKit continues as usual. We work from home and carefully follow the advice of the government. You can continue to upload releases, check your

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Store update: Akazoo is closing

The Luxembourg streaming store Akazoo will unfortunately close soon. From the end of this month no new users will be accepted. In the following 30 days all services will be stopped.  What does this mean for my releases? From today we will no longer deliver new music to Akazoo. Existing

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How to get access to Spotify for Artists

Good news for independent musicians: Spotify has made it easier to access all the tools they offer for artists and bands. Where initially you had to have at least 250 followers and go through complicated steps, now anyone who has their music on the streaming service can sign up. We’ll

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Welcome to the new SongKit!

Today the time has finally come: the new version of our SongKit system is online! The new system not only has more features and is faster, but it also gives us a basis to build on over the next ten years. Although many things have changed under the hood, creating

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